Info/ After Care

       Eyelash extensions area a great way to add length and thickness to your natural eyelashes.

       When done right and with the proper after care, there is no damage to your natural lashes and can   

        be worn for as long as you like!  

Classic Lashes -  This method is done by applying one single extension to one single natural eyelash at a time. 

There is a very small amount of adhesive used when applying the extension to the natural lash.  The extension is applied as close as can be to your lash line but never touching the skin to allow your natural lash to grow with the extension and shed properly. 

Fills/ Touch-ups:

Natural lashes shed every 60 to 90 days therefore a fill may be required every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes you can go as far as 4 weeks out before you get a fill.  This all depends on your own natural lash cycle. 


Fills are adding extensions to the ones that have fallen out with your natural lash during its shedding stage since a new lash will have grown in its place and needs to be lashed.

Allergies: Allergic reactions are rare but can happen. If this happens we can discuss other options to see what is causing the allergic reaction. 

After Care:

Taking care of your new set of lashes Is extremely important!  It is quite simple and its all about getting into the habit of doing so to make sure you avoid any possible infections or clogged follicles. Just like washing your hair, you must wash your lashes! 

  • Avoid wetting your lashes for 24 hours after getting your full set of extensions and fills for the first day only. this includes tears, sauna, pool or spa.
  • Avoid moving forward anything that has oils such as oil-based makeup removers, oil-based eye creams etc. and do not use any cotton pads or q-tips around the lashes. No makeup wipes on lashes. Be gentle around the eyes when removing your makeup if you want to use a makeup wipe. 
  • When washing your lashes use a mild shampoo or one specially made for lashes extensions like the one we sell and use for our clients by Sinful Lashes. Pat dry only and brush your gorgeous lashes! 
  • Do not use waterproof mascara or waterproof eyeliner.  You won't need mascara or a eyelash curler but if you decide to use mascara then only use a water washable mascara and apply to the tips only.
  • Avoid any rubbing, pulling or picking of your lash extensions to avoid any damage to the root.